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In addition to a growing manufacturing and industrial sector, agriculture plays a key role in the local economy. Since 2010, over $254.1 million per year has been generated through the county’s agricultural and forestry production sector.

While cattle, poultry and egg production make up 85% of this sector, we are most famous for our fruit and vegetable production. Watermelons, cantaloupes, strawberries, blueberries, a wide variety of tomatoes and apples are in abundance, as are sweet potatoes, peaches and peanuts.

Forestry Production

Timberland accounted for 53.3 percent of the surface land of Blount County.

Total forestry production contributed another 4.6 percent of the county’s total agricultural and forestry production.

Overall Contributions to Blount County

Blount County’s agricultural, forestry, and related industries generated 5,617 full- and part-time jobs, representing 31.3 percent of the county’s total workforce (17,956 jobs).

The total impact of agriculture, forestry, and related industries was $680.4 million, which was 36.5 percent of the county’s total economic activity ($1.9 billion). The indirect business taxes impact was $18.5 million, 24.7 percent of the county’s total indirect business taxes.

For more information, visit the Alabama Extension office online at www.aces.edu or the Blount County Extension office page.