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Facts & Data

Strategic Location

Blount County is strategically located adjacent to the metropolitan of Birmingham. Interstate accesses within the county make Huntsville, Montgomery, Atlanta, Mobile, New Orleans and Nashville a convenient drive away as well.

The BCEDC offers a wealth of economic development resources for businesses including community, infrastructure, and transportation data.

Distance to Major Cities in the Southeast  
Source: Google Maps, 2014. Distance is from Oneonta, AL.
  Miles Kilometers
Atlanta, GA 147 237
Birmingham, AL 37 60
Chattanooga, TN 121 195
Columbus, GA 168 270
Huntsville, AL 64 103
Jackson, MS 274 441
Knoxville, TN 230 370
Memphis, TN 244 393
Mobile, AL 295 475
Montgomery, AL 130 209
Nashville, TN 175 282
New Orleans, LA 379 610
Pensacola, FL 291 468
Savannah, GA 394 634

Important EDA Contacts

Alabama Department of Commerce
Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA)
Alabama Department of Revenue
Alabama Department of Industrial Relations
Economic Development Association of Alabama (EDAA)